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Recycling the last drop…

SCOTT’S 4WD PARTS PLUS adopt the very best practices with everything they do in the complex and auto dismantling process. All fluids are recovered, drained, filtered and recycled to avoid harmful landfill and water stream contamination.

Dismantling — Spare Parts in Dubbo, NSW

There are more previous metals used in modern cars these days than you would find in your Grandmothers jewellery box with Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Mercury, Silver and Gold making up just a few. With a global automobile ownership of one billion cars and more than 40 million units being added each year, responsible recycling and reuse of “GREEN” parts and waste materials has never been more important.

Back in the day, cars were mostly made of steel and over the decades lightweight alternatives have increasingly found their way into automobile designs. While a car from the 1950’s had almost no plastic, today it ha more than 120 kilograms of numerous grades of plastic. Plastics are a very appealing material because their use leads to much greater fuel efficiency and with numerous types of plastic they can all be recycled for reuse.

With 20 million tyres ending up in landfill in Australia every year, recycling is playing a huge roll in our new world. Tyres are recycled back into three raw products including oil, carbon and steel. The rubber is also used as soft-fall children’s playgrounds, sealing materials, rubber products along with road repaving and repairs.

A tyre recycling plant just out of Dubbo has received approval to commence operations and at full capacity will process 19,000 tonnes a yea equating to 685,000 tyres.