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    Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus is a well known and professional quality auto part recycling business. We have been around for over 70 years and we have a great reputation, providing quality product and quality service. We are great at what we do! Call us today.
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    Why Buy New?

    Looking for a spare auto part at a budget price? You’ve come to the right place. At Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus, we’ve got a massive range of used auto parts, suitable for cars, 4WDs, SUVs and more. Best of all, we can deliver to your home or business in Bathurst—from Mount Panorama to Durham Street.

    Is your vehicle no longer drivable but still has working parts? Why not contact us about our dismantling service. Every vehicle dismantled is done so with the environment in mind.

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    Benefits Of Buying Used Car Parts

    One of the benefits of opting for used car parts is that they are generally more affordable than purchasing new parts from a dealership or auto store. Used car parts can be sourced from various places including online retailers, salvage yards and private sellers; however it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you’re after—not at Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus! We make it easy to find exactly what you need and we also offer warranties on parts.

    By buying a used car part over a brand-new part or after-market version, you are also helping to reduce environmental waste and pollution associated with manufacturing.

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    Need used auto parts? We deliver to homes and businesses throughout Bathurst and surrounding areas.

    We provide a professional vehicle dismantling service for cars, 4WDs, commercial vehicles and more. Welcoming clients from Bathurst.

    We deliver an extensive range of 4WD equipment to residential and commercial clients throughout Bathurst and surrounds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Recycled car parts are parts that have been removed from a car and then cleaned, tested and repaired so that they can be used again. They are often as good as new parts, but cost a fraction of the price. Many salvage yards sell recycled car parts, and they can be a great way to save money on repairs.

    OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts, while aftermarket parts are not. OEM parts are typically more expensive but considered to be of higher quality. Aftermarket parts may be less expensive but may not fit or function as well as OEM parts.

    When buying used auto parts, it is important to carry out your research. Make sure the part you are buying is compatible with your vehicle. It’s also important to ensure the part is in good condition. Ask the seller questions about the part and get as much information as you can. At Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus, we can provide all the advice you need for selecting your part.

    It is possible to disassemble a car yourself, but it is often difficult and time-consuming. It is important to have a good understanding of how cars work before attempting to take one apart. Many choose to take their car to salvage yard for disassembly, as they have the experience and tools to do it quickly and safely.