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    Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus is a well known and professional quality auto part recycling business. We have been around for over 70 years and we have a great reputation, providing quality product and quality service. We are great at what we do! Call us today.
    Valve Automotive Parts — Spare Parts in Dubbo, NSW

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    Looking for a spare part but can’t find it new? Try second-hand! At Scott’s 4WD Parts Plus, we stock a wide range of used auto parts for cars, 4WDs, utes and more. Simply contact us, order your part, and we can deliver it to your door. We dispatch to homes and businesses throughout Wagga Wagga—from Jubilee Park to Wagga Beach.

    Got a vehicle that’s too damaged to drive? We also provide a professional dismantling service. We ensure all parts, fluids and metals are carefully recovered and separated for recycling purposes.

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    Benefits Of Buying Used Car Parts

    There are many benefits to buying used car parts—for drivers, their wallets and the environment. Used parts typically come from dismantled and recycled cars; this reduces the waste that goes to landfill. It also means that resources aren’t wasted on manufacturing a new car part, which helps to conserve our planet’s finite resources.

    Did you know that used parts are often much less expensive than new parts, and they can be just as good in quality? We test our parts before they leave the yard and provide a warranty for extra peace of mind.

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    Automotive Parts — Spare Parts in Dubbo, NSW

    Get quality used auto parts delivered to your home or business in Wagga Wagga. We’ve got a massive range.

    Looking to get your vehicle dismantled? Bring it in! We welcome clients from Wagga Wagga.

    We deliver a wide range of high-quality 4WD equipment to homes and businesses throughout Wagga Wagga.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The most common parts recycled from dismantled cars include engines, transmissions, suspension parts, and electrical components. However, almost any part from a car can be recycled. For instance, doors, windows, and even the frame can be reused in some instances—it just depends on the condition of the dismantled vehicle.

    No, used parts are not bad for your car as long as you choose a part that is suited to your vehicle (remember to check the VIN). In fact, they can often be a great way to save money on repairs. Just be sure to buy from a reputable source and check that the part has been inspected before installation.

    When buying parts from an auto recycler, it’s important to make sure they are is in good condition. Salvage yards will typically test and inspect parts before selling them, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. You can also ask to see pictures of the part before you buy it.

    An auto part recycler is a business that dismantles vehicles and sells the parts. They are sometimes also referred to as salvage yards or auto wreckers. Auto part recyclers are a great source for used car parts, and can often save you money on repairs.